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At age five-and-a-half, while his classmates in Milan, Italy, were plaiyng with toy soldiers, Fabio Pastori was sketching images of Brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus in his notebooks. But it wasn’t until the 1990s end, already with a twenty years long backgound in the advertising field, when Fabio began using traditional painting and drawing techniques to illustrate dinosaurs for paleontologists, publishing projects, museums and collectors, that he calls his “real journey into the world of paleoart” got underway. Pastori’s llustrations quickly attracted attention for their realism and his innovative use of color. “At that time, no one illustrated dinosaurs the way that Fabio did. His use of color and perspective was very unusual. The animals literally popped out off the page!” one of his customer said. Today he dedicates his passion for the beauty performing also Fine and High Jewelry renderings, concepts and illustrations. In addition to making his own art, he is sought after as a teacher of the classical techniques of drawing, illustration and painting.
Fabio Pastori always stands out for his style, his professionalism, his distinctive conceptual and creative process, and his dedication, admiration and respect for the concept of beauty and for beautiful things – “which is to say,” he adds, “for everything that exists in Nature.”