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At age five and a half, while his classmates were playing with toy soldiers, Fabio Pastori was sketching images of Brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus in his notebooks. A native of Milan, Italy, 1966, Fabio followed his dream of becoming an artist and studied art at the Liceo Artistico di Brera and then Scuola Superiore d’Arte del Castello Sforzesco, where he began to teach drawing and illustration techniques at age 19.

 While he was teaching and later directing the course in illustration 4 years long, he continued his training as a hyper-realistic illustrator and learned to render photo-realistic images with a three-dimensional quality. 

His exceptional work caught the eye of advertising agencies and publishers in Italy and abroad. 

He began working with worldwide well known art-directors, conceptualizing storyboards, layouts, hyper-realistic and every kind of illustrations and paintings, and collaborating with film-directors and photographers (Fashion – Advertising – TV Movie Spots [commercials] – AD Campains for many Griffes and Automobile Names) creating and painting all sizes backdrops (‘till big sizes as 2.000 squared meters) and scenographies for sets and outside locations.


“In the 90’s I started my real journey into the world of paleoart, studying and illustrating dinosaurs in a variety of applications that comprise the paleontological field such as paleontologists, publishing, museums, education and collectors. I always used the traditional techniques while pursuing my great interest and passion for Nature, Earth evolution, Biology, Anatomy, Paleontology and particularly dinosaurs.”


His admiration for these wonderful things is reflected in its sense and taste for “The Beauty” and by the excellence of his work.

His first drawings of prehistoric animals done in a hyper-realistic style were published by Mike Fredericks in “Prehistoric Times” magazine in 1990. His work attracted immediate attention because of the level of realism he achieved and his innovative use of color. He was selected for the Annual Illustrators (non-fiction) in Bologna Children’s Book Fair (’97/’98/’99/2000).


In 2000 Fabio rendered a series of stunning concept illustrations for an early version of “Rex Riders” novel that was conceived and pitched as an animated cartoon series. The author JP Carlson (NY) recalls seeing the illustrations for the first time and being amazed at the renderings:

“At that time, no one illustrated dinosaurs the way that Fabio did.

His use of color and perspective was very unusual. The animals literally popped off the page!”

Continuing to enrich his knowledge about Dinosauria and Comparative Anatomy  -with increasing familiarity in the use of techniques and improving his quick sketching skill – over the years Fabio’s work has attracted the interest of several remarkable paleontologists worldwide well known, editors and Museums, he had many opportunities to satisfying the needs of his clients realizing reconstructions, life-restorations, anatomical sketches, drawings and paintings of many dinosaur species, always showing himself not only as an original artist but also being always well informed and updated about new discoveries and new thoughts in paleontology. Always showing great passion and admiration about all dinosaur species, and the Nature’s beauty.

In the 2013 Fabio had the opportunity to illustrate a whole book regarding Dinosaurs: “The Bumper Book of Dinosaurs”, published by Square Peg /Random House in UK. At present this book is published also by another US editor named The Experiment in New York: it changed the title in “Dinosaurs – The Grand Tour “, it added some Fabio’s drawings and, after doing some adaptations for American readers, this edition is now available and distributed all around the world.

Fabio usually gives his presence to events and exhibitions, and he loves to teach (in private, at schools and institutes) doing lessons of drawing, painting, illustration, all techniques and paleoart.                                

Fabio Pastori always stands out for his style, his professionalism, his distinctive conceptual and creative process, and his dedication, admiration, and respect for the concept of beauty and for beautiful things—“which is to say,” he adds, “for everything that exists in Nature.” 

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